Fair Trade Organic Cold Brew Coffee


Cold Brew vs Iced Coffee?

Iced coffee is brewed hot and then chilled. Poured over ice, it may become too diluted to satisfy many. Coffee brewed hot and then cooled before refrigerating, also will not maintain its original quality. Oxygen will quickly cause a less desirable taste and flavor.

Capital City Coffee Roaster’s Cold Brew is full of flavor! The brew is extracted from a blend of five, fair trade and organic coffees. Coffees are from South and Central America as well as Indonesia and Africa. Our bean selection and brewing process produce a taste that is bold yet incredibly smooth! Our recipe is to add five pounds of our Fair Trade Organic, coarsely ground blend, to five gallons of freshwater. We steeped the coffee while refrigerated for 15-18 hours. We then keg the brew and add nitrogen to preserve freshness. The complete process takes 20 hours. It requires that the coffee is kept at a constant 32 degrees, including our delivery on refrigerated trucks.

Expect distinct flavor notes of chocolate and berry and although nothing has been added, you’ll enjoy a sweet taste and clean finish that is pleasingly refreshing!

Our commitment to the process and our unique coffee blend produces a bold taste, no bitterness and an incredibly smooth flavor.

It is great right from the bottle or poured over ice. Your choice! Sip and enjoy :-)

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