Welcome to the Capital City Coffee Roasters blog! If you're reading this you know that we have just launched our online store. We've been craft roasting coffee in small batches for a long time (at least one of us has gray hair), and we've been fortunate to have such loyal customers over the years. In our new venture we are excited to offer the same level of service and craftsmanship CCCR has always been known for, to a larger community of coffee makers. We remain, as we always will, committed to the craft and the people who make our coffees in their kitchens, at work, in cafe's and restaurants, and hopefully all kinds of new places. 

On this last note, we would like to use this initial blog post to share our thoughts on the state of coffee consumption. We realize that not everyone travels with whole bean coffee, a micro-grinder, and an aeropress, but we do believe that the best cup of coffee you will ever have is the best cup of coffee you ever make. We're not that snobby about coffee making, we just think the "making" is an important part of enjoying all that coffee has to offer. It doesn't have to be fancy and you don't have to weigh your coffee before you brew it. In fact, for most of us, coffee tastes best the simpler it is. Think fresh roasted coffee, percolated over a fire when we're camping, or filtered through a french press on a Sunday morning. We're not naive, and we know that the pace of life often dictates quick fixes and to-go mugs, but we hope you'll follow this blog for tips and inspiration on enjoying the "process" of making coffee. 

Over the years we've worked hard to refine our roasts and source the best beans the world has to offer so that we can stand behind the label of "craft roasted." Now we want to share our commitment to craftsmanship with a larger community and provide our customers with everything they need to be craftsmen and craftswomen in their own homes. We've opened our store with our coffee and we're in the process of testing micro-roasters, espresso machines, and brewing equipment so that we can provide you with the equipment and information you need to make that best ever cup of coffee. 

We appreciate the opportunity to share coffee with you and would love to hear about, and see how you make our coffee. Please follow our social channels and sign up for our newsletter. And most of all, please share your coffee moments with us on facebook and instagram (#capitalcityroasters). We love seeing craftsmen and craftswomen at work, and your ingenuity and commitment to the craft inspires us to keep searching the world for the best beans and the best way to roast them.

Love the craft, respect the process.

- The CCCR Crew

Roast Master
Roast Master